August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Marquie Spark!

Today is Marquie's birthday. She is finally 15 and started High School today. We celebrated her birthday yesterday because she's gonna be gone all day today:(
We woke her up bright and early by singing a very off key version of Happy Birthday- I think we were all still a bit tired. She did get her traditional breakfast in bed, although I don't think she likes this tradition as much as she did when she was little- teenagers like their sleep. I'll be in huge trouble if I put the picture of her actually eating with her "just woke up" hair and no make-up.

Last night we had a family birthday party. Here is Marquie showing off her beautiful nails. That was Grandma Vickie's present to her. Woohoo!

Marquie is a HUGE Jason Mraz fan. As soon as she heard he was coming in concert she's been asking to go. So you can guess what she got from mom and dad. She was extremely happy!

Marquie asked for peach pie instead of cake- a little bit harder to put candles on, but we improvised.

Marquie and Jordan just before they left for school this morning. What a way to start your birthday! Oh well. Hope you have a great day anyway Marquie. We love you!!!!!!!!!!

August 5, 2008

Palisade Park Fun!!

As many of you already know, I love traditions. One of my favorite summer traditions is our annual trip to Palisade Park. It's a great little campground with a lake and a golf course. We go every year with Wades family and my family, whoever can come. This year was especially fun because everyone could make it (except for Cade & Candice & girls in Oregon- would you please move back?) Anyway, I need to learn how to do a slide show because I have so many great pics. But I couldn't figure it out so here are some of my favorites:

Makenna catching guppies. The kids catch all kinds of creatures. We usually end up taking home a few frogs & lizards, but I have to put my foot down when it comes to the snakes.

Halee and Shandra in their homemade hot tub on the beach. Luckily there are showers here and we used them plenty!

Evan and Austin making "chocolate milk". The kids never got tired of playing in the water and I never got tired of watching them. There were sand toys and water toys strung from one end of the beach to the other.

Jace, Denny, and Davin swimming back from the dock.

Wade & Livvy splashing in the tubes.

Jordan doing back flips off the dock.

Christian doing tricks off the dock.

Sadie & Makenna doing tricks off the dock.

This has to be my favorite picture. Livvy was pouring water over Christians head and then combing his hair into different styles with that red rake in her left hand. At one point she even licked her hand and smoothed some of his hair down. This went on for about 20-30 minutes. We all know why Christian is the favorite Uncle!

Jordan and Gracie playing on the beach. She gives great kisses. Lucky Jordan!

Yes, even the grown ups get a turn to play. Me, Sara, and Katie

One of the nights we are there, we go to a place that used to be called "Fat Jacks Pizza & Pasta". This year we were a bit saddened to find out that the name has been changed to "Roys". This is Shenay, Marquie, Shantae, and Keisha waiting for their pizza. After we pig out on pizza we go next door to this ice cream place and pig out some more.

Goofy Shayla letting us all know that she is ready for breakfast by wearing Sawyers bib.

Maybe Sara should have borrowed Sawyers bib!