November 4, 2008

Don't Eat Me

Well the "Don't Eat Me" part needs some leading into so I'll start with the fun stuff. Every year we have a Halloween FHE on the Monday before Halloween. We start by turning on the Halloween music CD full blast and we dance throughout the house.

Then we eat a yummy dinner that includes clam chowder in bread bowls and apple cider in the cauldron full of dry ice. -But the dry ice was kind of whimpy this year, I don't know why.

Then we play Halloween Bingo and Makenna always wins first and then we play a kajillion more times until Marquie finally has a turn winning:)

Then we make and eat caramel apples and by then we are feeling quite miserable- in a good way.

Then Wade and the kids make a monster: They stuff Wades coveralls with newspaper, then attach the monster mask, gloves, and boots. Our monster sits on the front porch as part of the Halloween decor until Halloween.

Then on Halloween that sneaky Wade changes into the monster costume and sits back on the bench. Last year he scared the daylights out of just about everyone that came trick-or-treating. But a lot of the kids were onto him this year. He was disappointed. But he still got a few good scares. I wish I had some better pics but I was trying to answer the door and take pictures at the same time and it wasn't working out.

So this cute little boy came up to the door and Wade stood up and growled and he screamed "Don't Eat Me!" It was so cute. Don't worry, Wade took the mask off and showed him he was just a person. But it was pretty funny.

Even funnier was my niece Sawyer. Keep in mind that she just recently went to Disneyland where there are tons of Disney characters in costumes. When she came up the walkway, Wade stood and growled and she waved and blew him a kiss. She didn't even hesitate.

This is Makenna in her school Halloween parade. She was a baby this year.

And Jacer boy as Elvis. He can bust an Elvis move pretty good too!