April 24, 2009

Makenna enters double digits!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl! Makenna turned 10 years old yesterday and I'm feeling a little bit sad. Makenna is the baby, and like most babies of the family, we don't want her to grow up. She was such a mommas girl when she was a baby. She didn't like anyone but mom (not even dad who is still a little miffed about it). At the time, I remember thinking she was so hard because I couldn't do anything without her, but now I miss it and I love that she was that way.
Makenna wanted a ham, cheese, and mushroom omelet for her bday breakfast, with toast, fruit, and milk. She was very specific.

Anyway, some fun things about Makenna:
-She is always happy. I'm not sure when that happened because when she was a baby she was a stinker, but now she is an absolute joy to be around.
-She can bust a move like nobody's business. The girl loves to dance and she is one funky diva!
-She is sooo responsible. At home and school, if she is asked to do something, it will get done.
-She is a candy freak. You wouldn't know it to look at her, she's as skinny as 6:00 straight up, but she loves sweets!
-She's a girly girl. Loves clothes, fashion, hair, makeup, doing her nails, etc... but... she can play soccer just as good if not better than any boy her age!
-She's a smarty farty pants!
-My favorite... she has the cutest freckles in the world. I love them. They are sooo Makenna.
Happy Birthday Kennie-girl. We love you sooooooo much!

April 9, 2009

Jr Prom & Sweet Aunt Sara

So here are some pics of Jordan & adorable Sammie from Jr. Prom. It was on the same night as the David Archuleta concert so it was a very hectic night.

They went to the zoo for their day activity. The group: Jared & Keisha G, Valerie & Seth, Sammie & Jordan

They went to Biaggi's for dinner and then the dance was at the Airport Hilton. Fancy Schmancy!

It was funny because the kids were all meeting at our house at 5:30. Sara was picking me and the girls up at 6:00. I thought no problem. I'll take pics and get the kids off by 5:45 and be ready to go when Sara comes. Duh! Teenagers are not on time, how did I forget this? So they all show up at about 5:45 with most of the parents in tow because we all want pictures.
So finally we get all the pictures we want and Sara should be here like right now and of course I still need to change. So I run into my room and am hustling like crazy. In walks Sara with huge tears just streaming down her face. My first thought was that someone hit her car as she was coming in our circle cuz there were so many people coming and going and everyone was in a hurry and there were so many cars parked everywhere. I said "Oh no, what happened?! She says "Jordan's going to Prom." Cute huh?

I wish I wouldn't have been in such a rush and would have thought to take a pic of Sara bawling her eyes out. That would have been priceless!

April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacey-boy!

Jace is 12 years old today!
Lucky for him his birthday is on a Sunday this year and since it's General Conference today he got to sleep in. He wanted cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast in bed.

We are having a birthday party tonight for all of the cousins who have birthdays in April, but we let him open one of his presents this morning. Just some summer clothes but the funny thing is that Wade said "Those are stokin' shorts Jace!" and Jace said "Did you say stokin? What the heck does that mean?" Well, FYI, that was a very cool word back in our day. I guess that shows how old we are!

Lovin those cinnamon rolls!
A few of Jace's favorite things:
hanging out with friends, football, soccer, sleeping,eating, reading, the color green, warm weather, Christmas, school, and family vacations.
My favorite things about Jace:
1. He is the sweetest boy you will ever know. He always asks me if there is anything he can do to help me.
2.He is very quick witted and has a come-back for everything.
3. He is a perfectionist, if he commits to doing something he always finishes it.
4. He has more friends than anyone I know (and more girlfriends than any kid his age).
5. He is always happy and being around him makes others happy.
6. He is a read-aholic. We can't buy enough books to keep him busy.
7. He is very creative and smart and musically talented!