February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This was such a great Valentine's Day because it was on Saturday, so the whole fam was home, except for Jordan who went snowboarding with his friends.

After we all slept in, Wade made his traditional heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Yummo. Marquie and Shenay are not happy about the picture so soon after they woke up, but I still think they look great!

I forgot to mention that first he had to take the YM around and pick up food for the food drive, and he still came home and made everyone breakfast. What a guy!!

Woops, I forgot to turn the picture before I downloaded. This is Makenna showing off her heart shaped cake she made at Activity Day. She has the funnest leader. Thanks Cynthia!

All the girls showing off our Valentine flowers given to us by our Prince Charming (aka-daddy). Fun day!