January 13, 2009

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is becoming one of my favorite places on earth. We went there in the summer and had a blast. We weren't expecting to go again so soon, but Wade had a PT conference there this past week. We decided to take the whole fam and have some fun. Did we ever!! Jordan & Marquie love snowboarding so we knew they would like it. But Jace and Makenna have never done any snow sports and I haven't skiied in I don't know how many years. I was a little nervous because Wade had class all day on the first day so we were on our own. The thought of me teaching Jace & Kenna how to ski is pretty hilarious I must admit!
They did so great. Luckily there was a beginners area with a tow rope that pulled you up an easy hill. We started there and it didn't take them long to get it. This is Mak being pulled on the tow rope.

Jace showing off his snow plowing skills.

I feel bad I didn't get any still pics of Jordan & Marquie on their boards. They were way too advanced for us so we kind of split up. I got some good video of some of their tricks. If I ever learn how to put video on I'll show it (don't hold your breath).

Wade got to join us on the second day and totally showed us all up. He's still got it!

The best part of our trip was going snowmobiling. It was soooo beautiful. We went to a place called Granite Hot Springs. We rode on a trail through the mountains to get there. Wade had to slam on his brakes at one point to let a moose cross the trail. It was so cool.

Jordan got a machine all to himself because nobody dared to ride with him. He's such a daredevil!

Family pic just outside of the hot springs.

This is a natural hot spring in the middle of the mountains. There's a little ticket booth to pay for entry and 2 very small dressing rooms to change in. It was so awesome!

This was the best spot. The water trickles in right behind where we are so it was the hottest spot. Chada!

Then we suited back up in our snow clothes and broke out the Subway sandwiches. We were very prepared.

There was another group of people who had ridden up on a dog sled. We had to get our picture with the dogs.

On our way back down the mountain we saw another moose. This one just trotted along the trail in front of us for about a mile before it turned off into the trees. So cool!

January 2, 2009

A Happy New Year Surprise!

Welcome Baby Paislee!
Well she's here! Beautiful baby Paislee decided to come a week early. We are all so excited! The family all came over to our house for New Years Eve and Shay was having contractions the whole time but they weren't regular. She went for a walk, took a bath, the whole nine yards. We really wanted her to have the New Years baby so we were trying to get her to jump on the tramp and play Rock Band, but it didn't go over too well.
Anyways, all I can say is Shayla knows how to have babies. She got to the hospital at 5 and had her at 7:45. I don't know how she does that! Good job Shay and Trev!!!

Paislee Shay Stone, 6 lbs 4 oz, 19 1/2 inches long

So precious!

Sawyer giving baby sister a kiss.

Favorite Aunt:)

Proud daddy holding up the foot prints.