June 22, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys... Right?

Lets talk about Jordan. To know him is to love him. If you know him, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, you are truly missing out on some quality entertainment.
Jordan is such a free spirit. He is energetic, adventurous, curious, hilarious, impulsive, fun, independent, and very wild and crazy. He has the ability to make me laugh and want to kill him at the same time. Most of the time I love this about him. Sometimes it stresses me out.

Lets talk about Jordans friends (aka: The Main Men). I LOVE these guys. They are the cutest, funnest, nicest, best group of boys I know. All but 2 of them (Jordan & Jared) graduated from High School this year, so they decided to go on a trip to St. George this past week to celebrate.
Top: Seth, Jordan, Jon, Richard, Jared, Sitting: Cody & Rambo

Well, they thought their trip would be more exciting if they sported some crazy hairdo's for the week, so they each thought up a crazy design...

and out came the clippers.

Whoa! They called Jordan "Father" all week- I wonder why. How do you like his pants pulled up over his bellybutton?

These pictures don't do them justice, but I didn't have time to put all the close-ups on.

Side view- I wonder what people thought when they saw these guys coming their way-haha.

I was so worried Jordan's head would get sunburned and then his hair wouldn't grow back. He said he plastered it with sun screen every day
Cody, Jordan, & Richard

I told Jordan that he definitely picked the "worst" one and he said "You mean the "best" one mom. When he first sent me the picture on my phone I just about wet my pants.
Anyway, I decided it's either laugh or cry. Hair grows back, and when it comes down to it, they could be doing a lot worse, right? (Please tell me I'm right).
We do have a family picture tonight with my whole side of the family. I think in time it will be one of my favorites:) You gotta love the kid!!!

June 17, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Just a few pics from our Disneyland trip. I can't believe it's already over:(

It's funny how things change over the years. Our kids weren't nearly as excited as they were the last time we went (except Makenna). At least they didn't seem to be. Maybe it had to do with having to get up at 5 am the morning we left:)

Wade having the time of his life on the tea cups.

Me, Makenna, Marquie, and good 'ol Mickey

California Adventure seems to have more rides that the teenagers like, so we spent a lot of time there. Last time we came, Makenna went on Tower of Terror and swore she would never do it again. Well we talked her into it- we thought she would like it now that she's a few years older. Big mistake. She hated it! I have never seen anyone so terrified. It was hilarious.

I can't remember where this was taken. Anyone know? Cute though.

Wade & I riding the tram where this humungous creature landed on my hand. I screamed louder than Makenna did in Tower of Terror.

By the time evening came on our first day, we were exhausted (because of the 5 am thing). The teenagers were ready to go to the hotel, but Makenna still wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was clear over on the other side of the park, but....
she got her way! Someone forgot to tell the teenagers that this is the happiest place on earth!!

On Saturday we took a break from the parks and went to Huntington Beach. It was fabulous. I think the kids may have liked it more than Disneyland.

After playing on the boogie boards in the water, we played volleyball on the beach and then went for a walk on the pier. There's a Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier so we stopped and had onion rings and shakes. Anyone who's ever been to a Ruby's Diner knows how yummy that was.

So I saved the best for last. In my opinion, to have the best Disneyland experience ever, you have to partake of all the yummy (but way too expensive) treats there. So we made a list of all the things we wanted to eat before the trip ended:
Frozen bananas and frozen lemonade


Carameled apples

Marquie and her warm toasted almonds

And our favorite: tortillas from the Mission tortilla factory. They were closed the first day. The second day they were only serving corn tortillas- they're okay. Finally on the last day we got our scrumptious warm flour tortillas. We could go home happy!
And we did!!

June 4, 2009


Well, tomorrow is the last day of school, and I have never been so happy for a school year to end. It seems the older my kids get, the more crazy MY schedule gets. I feel like I have been in a whirlwind and I am ready for a big NAP! This past month has been filled with:
dance concerts, school projects, soccer games, dance tryouts, soccer tryouts, more school projects, all kinds of performances, end of year banquets, end of year assemblies, nursing teenagers with mono, yard work, planting, more school projects, etc., etc., etc. I know many of you can relate and probably have even more on your plate than me. But I for one am burned out and so are my kids and we are so ready for ...
Yeah baby! Here are some of the things I LOVE most about summer:
Swimming, camping, Snowies:), sister activities (starting Monday, are you guys ready??) parks, gardening, Palisades (oh man, I can't wait!), walking with the morning crew, 4th of July, picnics, playing dodgeball on the tramp, playing hide & seek outside (even though I almost pee my pants doing the last two) BBQ's, neighborhood parties, homemade icecream, Cherry Hill, spending time with the fam!
Summer is the best I say!! And in exactly one week we will be in the happiest place on earth. What a way to start out the summer- things are definitely looking good!

On a completely different note, I have to give a shout out to my studly Jace. Yesterday was the awards assembly at his elementary school and he was awarded the "Future of America" award.

Trying to act like it's no big deal

Nice! And if you're wondering, yes he is taller than me:(

Then today was 6th grade commencement and he was recognized for scoring in the top 10% nationally on his CRT's.

Good job smarty pants Jace!