October 26, 2009

Fall Festivities

As usual, time is flying by faster than I want it to. Here are just a few of the happenings going on at our home:

First, more quality entertainment from Jordan. He came home from school wearing this one day. I ask him what the heck he's wearing and he says "Oh man, I've had the best day!" He proceeds to tell me that he and Jared (best bud-if you read my blog often you probably already know who that is) found these Hunter Administration vests at the DI. So of course they bought them and wore the Hunter Administration "uniform" to school, complete with walky talkies and a clip badge- don't ask me how they got that. They had a hayday taking students to the office (like they were in trouble) and getting people out of class all day. I told him he was probably going to get in trouble and he said, "Are you kidding me? The administration loved us!" I hope he's right. So far I haven't gotten a phone call and he hasn't been suspended...that I know of:)

Next, congratulations to Jace who was elected 7th grade Senator at his Jr. High. He campaigned for a week. When voting was over they announced the winners and gave them a banner and a crown. I still can't believe he's in Jr. High:(

Then, this past weekend was Sadie Hawkins at school. I guess you can either wear a costume or wear matching shirts. Jordan went with Janessa and they went as nerds. Since Jordan frequently shops at the DI he had no problem coming up with a costume.

Marquie's date was Jared. Yes, the same Jared that is usually partners in crime with Jordan. He's adorable. They started with a day activity carving pumpkins in the canyon. Why is he wearing a hat you ask? No, it really wasn't that cold outside. See if you can find him in the next picture and you'll know why.

Thats him with the bald head. He shaved it in preparation for the costumes they planned.
And here they are. Isn't that a hoot? I'm telling you, these guys know how to have fun and they are not afraid to be crazy. Their group had dinner at our house before the dance and we laughed and laughed.

Then they went out on the deck to show us how they were going to bust a move at the dance.

We had to get a good close up of Marquie's padded booty. So funny!