September 25, 2008

What Should I Do In My Spare Time?

Hi Everyone. I know it's been a whole month since my last post. It has been such a busy month. I had to take Marquie to school early today and so I thought I'd give a quick update before the rest of the fam gets up.

At our house, we call September and October "Busy Season". Huge understatement. It's both my favorite and most stressful time of year. This is why:

Soccer- We love soccer. Marquie plays on the High School team. Games twice a week and practice every day there's not a game. Jace and Makenna play rec soccer so they have practice once a week and games on weekends. I love going to soccer games. I love the way the weather changes during the season.

Football- The boys love football. I love that they love it. Wade is coaching Jace's Little League team again this year. Games on weekends and practice every week night except for Wed which works out good for Wade since he is in YM and it's mutual night. Again, I absolutely love going to the games, but it's a huge time committment.

School- Of course there are always changes when school starts back up. We're still trying to get into a new routine with new teachers, homework, etc...

Dance-Most of you know I teach dance. So new classes, new music, new choreography. And Marquie and Makenna both have dance once a week. All on different days of course.

Add to that scouts, piano, church callings, grocery shopping, budgeting, laundry, cleaning, and making emergency trips to the store every time one of my kids says "Oh yeah mom, I forgot to tell you that I need _____ tomorrow. (This is usually around 10 pm).

I do have to say that Jordan has been a life saver. Now that he can drive, we have taken total advantage of him the poor kid. He's usually running someone somewhere for us in between his extremely busy social life. Thanks Jord!

When my kids were little and at home all day I used to dream of the day when they would all be in school and I would have all this free time to do whatever I wanted. WHAT HAPPENED?