March 28, 2009

David Archuleta ROCKS!

My mom got all the girls (except Olivia who opted to go to the Monster Truck Show instead) tickets to David Archuleta. We have been counting the days!!! It was so much fun and he was so incredible!

Sara picked us up and we all met at my sister Denise's house and then headed to Costa Vida to eat before the concert. This is Sadie, Makenna, and Marquie in the back of Sara's car.

I was so excited that I forgot to take pics at Costa Vida. It was packed in there and I got a little distracted. Plus, David Osmond was there- another distraction. I'm really mad at myself- but we weren't there for long because the kids scarfed down their food in like 2 minutes cuz they were so anxious to get to the E Center. Anyways, this is a poster Sadie and Mak made for David. They weren't allowed to take it in. They were crushed!:(

All of us just before walking in.

So our seats were in the nose bleed section, but they actually were pretty good. We were on the first row so the kids could see great. We were just worried they were gonna fling themselves over the bar when David came out, they were so excited.

Marquie & Sadie patiently waiting.

Goofy Bam-she can't control her excitement to see David.

So we knew there would be an opening act. And he was pretty good and not too long. But about 10 minutes after he finished a second opening act came out- oh man:(. She was okay too but we were so ready for David by then. When she finished, the whole place started screaming DAVID! DAVID! DAVID!-- including us. Me & Sara

Shandra & Halee

Sadie & Makenna

Shenay & Marquie

Need I say more?

During "Touch My Hand"

Halee singing along at the top of her lungs.

And so were the moms!

Shenay & Marquie- How do you really feel about David Archuleta??

We had a blast! It was a first concert for Sadie, Mak, Halee, & Shandra. I think they're gonna remember this for a loooong time!