June 17, 2008

Hooray for Dads!

We had great fun on Father's Day. My kids aren't too happy about me posting a picture of them right after they woke up but we had to capture dad's "breakfast in bed". Wade is such a great dad and husband! He does so much for our family. We love you dad!!!!
We also had a celebration with my dad at our house on Monday. We love to get together, there a so many of us now and we are still growing (Shayla's having baby #2 in January). We have so much fun together and we are so grateful for our fantastic dad!

Locks of Love

Makenna decided after 3 years of growing her hair out that she was ready for a change. Once she heard about "Locks of Love" there was no changing her mind. Our neighbor Jana Nordfelt has a salon in her house and said she would do it. She cut 12 inches off (yikes!)Makenna absolutely loves it! I think it's adorable on her too but I am still a little sad that my baby girl is old enough to want big girl hair instead of braids and pigtails.

Treehouse Trauma

So Jordan and his buddies are building a really cool tree house in "the forest". This is an area close to our house that is full of trees. The kids love to go exploring over there. There has been a tree house there thats kind of run down. So they decided to build a bigger and better one. Last Saturday Jordan came in and asked where dad was (he knows what a whimp I am with blood). Wade was out running errands and didn't have his cell phone with him so Jordan decided he had no other choice. He said "I think I might need stitches." Of course I freaked out and ran him over to Insta-care where they said he definitely did need stitches. Gross huh?
The Dr. told us to have Jordan's stitches removed in about 10 days. Those of you who know Jordan won't be surprised to hear that he took them out himself after a week because they were "bugging him".

June 3, 2008

Blogging world.... Here I Come!! (maybe)

So, miracles never cease. I love to look at other peoples blogs but decided early on that I just simply don't have time to do one. But the peer pressure (more like sister pressure) has gotten to me, and I hate to be left out of anything, so I am going to attempt being a blogger.

These are just some pictures from our Moab trip last summer. We had a blast. One of the days we were there we went on a 4 hour horseback ride through the mountains. Makenna was scared to death. Within the first half hour I started sneezing like crazy. By the time we got back to the stalls, one of my eyes was swollen completely shut (apparently I'm allergic to horses, or maybe it was all the dirt- I don't know). I was completely miserable and the fact that my family thought it was hysterical didn't make me feel any better. Wade went to the store and got me some allergy medicine which helped some. But even by the next morning my eye still looked like Wade and I had duked it out. We were planning on going to church that day and I didn't want to go because I looked like such a dork. My kids insisted that we couldn't possibly see anyone we knew in Moab so we went. Of course, I saw two people I knew. That is so my luck.