December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Today is Jordans birthday. He is 17 years old, can you believe it? I can't. Here are a few things I love about Jordan:
1. He's the funniest person in the world- especially when he talks with one of his many genuine accents.
2. He is who he is. He never tries to put on an act to impress people. If you don't like him, it's okay with him. He's such a free spirit.
3. He loves healthy food. Jordan rarely eats candy. He likes to snack on healthy food (gets that from his dad).
4. He's totally buff! If you punch him in the stomach your hand will hurt. I know this from experience.
5. He's so smart. Jordan has never liked school, but he hangs in there and gets good grades anyway.
6. He looks out for his siblings. I would like to say that he's always nice to them but that's not true. But if anyone else is not nice to them, he will definitely take care of it.
7. He can build or fix anything.
8. He can talk his way out of anything. I actually don't love this so much about him, but it's definitely a talent worth sharing.
9. He's so grumpy in the morning. This is something I've learned to love about him after realizing he gets it from me.
10. He can make friends with anyone! He is so nonjudging. He gives everyone a chance. He doesn't care what people look like or what race or religion they are. Once at Cherry Hill we couldn't find Jordan and after about an hour we see him going down Cardiac Canyon with complete strangers, acting like they were lifelong friends. Another time we were camping and a group of teenagers came over to see if Jordan could come play night games with them. I said "How do you know them?" He says "Oh I just met them earlier today". He has so many friends.

These are just a few things I love about the Jordman. I really could go on forever! Have a great birthday bud. We love you!
Here are some pics from his family bday party.

Pretty handsome kid huh?

This is Jordan reading his "Christian card". Uncle Christian always makes homemade birthday cards and they are always hilarious.

Jordan insists on having cheesecake for his birthday parties. But 17 candles are hard to fit on a cheesecake so I made a regular cake just for show.

After presents, Jordan entertained us by playing Christmas songs on the guitar. Two months ago he decided that he wanted to play the guitar and has taught himself how to play. He's actually pretty good.

Jord showing off some of his new stuff.

December 16, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know, I've been such a slacker making posts lately! So sorry. Wade decided to mention in our family Christmas card that I enjoy blogging and so I thought I better not make a liar out of him! I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas season as much as I am! I truly love it. All of it! Except for the having to make homemade gifts this year on the Meier side. I am not a crafty person and after they get their gifts they probably won't ever ask me to do homemade gifts again. Sorry guys! Anyway, dance concert is over, enrichment night is over, my RS lesson is over, no more devotionals to sing at, and I'm close to being done with my shopping (hooray) so I am in full "enjoy Christmas" mode. In fact I'm sitting in my Santa robe eating caramels right now- yes homemade and very scrumptious even if I do say so myself! Jace is in a play at school this morning, and when I get back I'm going to pop in a Christmas movie and start the wrapping. I'm soooo excited!
Anyhow, here are a few pics of the fam getting our trees up and decortated. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!
Jace and Kenna in the true spirit of decorating with their Christmas hats and all!

I know it looks like I'm floating in the air but really Im on a ladder. Such an ugly picture:(

The Jordman who was not in a decorating mood but humored me with sort of smile even though he was being forced to participate.

Marquie showing the remnants of the ornament she dropped and broke. Yeah, she looks sorry but I don't know. Big trouble!

So we always wait until the last minute to do our Christmas card pic. This is the one we wanted to use but when I went to create it on the Costco website, it cut off Jordans head. So I had to use a different one that's not so cute (because we were on a time restraint). So if you get the ugly one in the mail, just refer to this cute one! I love my little fam, they are the best!

November 4, 2008

Don't Eat Me

Well the "Don't Eat Me" part needs some leading into so I'll start with the fun stuff. Every year we have a Halloween FHE on the Monday before Halloween. We start by turning on the Halloween music CD full blast and we dance throughout the house.

Then we eat a yummy dinner that includes clam chowder in bread bowls and apple cider in the cauldron full of dry ice. -But the dry ice was kind of whimpy this year, I don't know why.

Then we play Halloween Bingo and Makenna always wins first and then we play a kajillion more times until Marquie finally has a turn winning:)

Then we make and eat caramel apples and by then we are feeling quite miserable- in a good way.

Then Wade and the kids make a monster: They stuff Wades coveralls with newspaper, then attach the monster mask, gloves, and boots. Our monster sits on the front porch as part of the Halloween decor until Halloween.

Then on Halloween that sneaky Wade changes into the monster costume and sits back on the bench. Last year he scared the daylights out of just about everyone that came trick-or-treating. But a lot of the kids were onto him this year. He was disappointed. But he still got a few good scares. I wish I had some better pics but I was trying to answer the door and take pictures at the same time and it wasn't working out.

So this cute little boy came up to the door and Wade stood up and growled and he screamed "Don't Eat Me!" It was so cute. Don't worry, Wade took the mask off and showed him he was just a person. But it was pretty funny.

Even funnier was my niece Sawyer. Keep in mind that she just recently went to Disneyland where there are tons of Disney characters in costumes. When she came up the walkway, Wade stood and growled and she waved and blew him a kiss. She didn't even hesitate.

This is Makenna in her school Halloween parade. She was a baby this year.

And Jacer boy as Elvis. He can bust an Elvis move pretty good too!

October 17, 2008

I Love Grass!!

It's a miracle! We finally got grass in the backyard last Friday. What a project this has been. We have been in our house for almost 2 years. We live in a cul de sac so our yard is oddly shaped. The front yard is about as big as a small bedroom. The back yard wraps all the way around the house. It's kinda strange but it's growing on me. Wade put the front yard in last summer no problem. But the back was one project after another before we could lay sod: Retaining walls, Rock walls, Burying the tramp, etc... I thought it was never gonna get done!

Can you tell how excited I was? As soon as the truck pulled around to the back field I ran out and took the picture. I think the driver was afraid I might hug him or something.

There were about 10 of these crates scattered around the yard. I'm not sure if Wade is hugging the sod or taking a nap after realizing how much work was ahead.

We have the most awesome neighborhood. Originally we were planning to lay the sod on Saturday when lots of help was available. Then we found out it was going to snow all day Saturday so we made a quick change to Friday- while all of our help was at work. Jace & Makenna got home from school just as we were starting & gathered up some of the neighborhood kids to help. I wish I would have gotten a pic of Kenna hauling those rolls of sod. She's such a tiny thing, but boy is she tough. She was heaving those things around like nothin. And trust me they were HEAVY! My back still hurts.

We are so glad Wades dad is retired. He is always helping us out (the poor guy). He's the first one to show up when we need help- Thanks Wayne! And that's my handsome nephew Dallas behind him.

Wade & Jacer boy working together.

Jordan & his buddies (aka "The Main Men") saved the day. Things were a bit slow movin til they came after school. They slapped that sod down in no time. We were so thankful! This is buff Jordan and Rambo.

My dad Dennis who got work off to help. Thanks dad!

Some of "The Main Men"- Dallas, Jon, Zack, Seth, Richard, and Rambo. Jordan has the best friends. I love these guys!

And of course, the best part: Lasagna!! They sure did deserve it!

Funny how Shenay & Marquie just happened to show up right at the end for the food. What a coincidence! Just kidding, they were at a 3 hour soccer practice so I suppose they deserve it too!

October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Trev!

It was Trevors birthday yesterday. Shayla invited us to all go the Old Spaghetti Factory to celebrate. Woohoo!

Shay & Trev

Denise & Shayne

Wade & I

Sara & Chris

Aubry (Trevors sister)& Jesse
Christian & Kate. That bread is scrumptious! (as well illustrated by the Egans)

My moms friend Charlene & mom

I love watching Sawyer eat. She's so tiny so you wouldn't think she eats much. Umm No! The girl can put it away. As soon as her food came she was oblivious to everything but getting that spaghetti into her mouth.

She's so cute. Check out her hair. She had these cute pigtails in when we first got there but decided she'd had enough of them and pulled them out. I think she is even cuter with crazy hair.

Trevor blowing out his birthday candle. We sang so loud I think the whole restaurant was aware that it was his birthday. Happy Birthday Trev!

October 1, 2008

A Little Late, but "Yay for Wade"

Many of you already know that Wade opened a Physical Therapy Clinic in West Valley with his partner Troy Marsh in May. Well they finally had their Ribbon Cutting last week. I'm really proud of Wade. This has been a goal of his for a long time and it's great to see it happen. He has 2 clinics in Tooele and he has loved working out there, but it's quite a drive and it's been nice having him closer to home (about 2 blocks from home actually). I'm really thankful for all of his hard work and determination. He is a great husband and dad!

Wade, Troy, and Travis Allen are all PTs for Meier & Marsh Professional Therapies.

We have such a supportive family. Vickie, Wayne (Wades parents), Denise, Sara, and Shay. Wades dad helped Wade so much with the build out of this clinic. Thanks everyone!

Our Mayor, Dennis Nordfelt, gave a little speech.

Then the official ribbon cutting. Those of you who live in West Valley will have to look for this picture in Octobers West Valley Journal.

The Meier and Marsh staff!

Also.... while many of us are sleeping, Wade has been training for triathlons.

My brother in law Shayne got Wade and Chris interested in triathlons. Wade decided to give it a try and has done a few over the last year. This one is at Yuba Lake. We went with the Aguilars and pulled the trailers down to the campground. Wade does the Sprint Distance which is a half mile swim, 13 miles on the bike, and then a 3 mile run. This is him starting with the swim in the very cold lake.

The beginning of the race stresses me out because there are soooo many people and they are so close together. They are literally on top of each other at times. After about 30 seconds I can't tell where Wade is anymore.

After the swim they run to the transition area where their bikes are waiting. They do a quick change out of their wet suits and into their biking attire and then take off again.

Then after the bike ride, it's back to the transition area to drop off their bike and change their shoes for the running part. Wade beat his time from last year so he was happy. I was happy because after the race we go back to the trailers and have a huge yummy breakfast!