July 8, 2009

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses a Tooth!

Well, I am always the slowest to update my blog, so most of you have already heard this story from Sara's or Shayla's blog, but I still had to do it. I actually got the event on the camcorder but I don't know how to put it on, and I don't know if Shay would want me to.

Anyway, we were having a water fight on the 4th of July, and we got a little carried away, and some of my sisters teeth got knocked out (that's for you Sara).

Poor Shayla! She got konked with that pot she's holding (which is really the dog's water dish which makes it even worse). In the bag is half of her tooth. She ended up having to have a root canal on it. We're still waiting to see if the other tooth will re-root or if she's gonna lose that one too. She is quite a trooper. She even came back for fireworks after a couple hours at the dentist!
But here are some of the brighter pics of the day:

The traditional neighborhood parade. Chris, me, Austin, my mom, Shay & Pais, & Denise

Sawyer, Trevor, and Makenna

This year there were games at the end of the parade. Woohoo!
Halee & Shandra

Makenna & Sadie

Jace getting an American Flag painted on his face

Back to Bams for the big BBQ. Here are the teenagers filling up water balloons.
Keisha (our next door neighbor), Marquie, Dallas, Shenay, & Jordan (his hair is coming in nicely, don't you think?)

Mid-water fight. Sara, Gracie, Shay, Shayne, & Trev

Getting ready to watch the firework show. Denise, Sadie, Shayla with a numb face, Me, Sara

Sparklers!! Shenay, Dallas, Livvy, Chris, & Mak
A little more eventful than years past, but still, the 4th is the best!


The Harding Hive said...

Ah, I love Shayla's numb face in the firework pic. And I love that pic of you and Austin. Great post...last the best of all the game.

The Stone's said...

The 4th is the best! That numb face pic is awful. But so is the one with red puffy eyes and a chipped tooth! Yours is the best! You have great pics. I don't know why I don't have you in any of mine. I'll make sure that never happens again, just don't take away the pie!!!!

Keddington Chronicles said...

Love the neighborhood parade idea. Also, I think the title of your post is so funny. But your poor sister. She has a great attitude, I would pretty scared if that happened to me.

Bammy said...

Great post Dayne! You got some fabulous pix! It was still really fun, thanks to Shay not letting it ruin the day! As Pres. Coombs put it, "If we can laugh thru it, we can GET thru it"!

Rachel said...

That sounds like such a fun tradition you guys have going on there. Hopefully the face bashing, with a pot, won't become part of it in the future though.
Love your pictures!! Shayla is quite a tough cookie, I'd say.